HVACS Installations

The design and implementation of advanced HVACS installations

HVAC installations is one of the areas in which we are skilled specialists. We are ready to undertake work under each HVAC project at any stage. The construction or executive stages are the easiest stages for us to finalise.

However, what customers appreciate in us the most is the ability to undertake work at unusual moments. Executive, assembly and workshop designs, which brutally verify the assumptions made in the course of all previous stages, are a real exam for each expert in the industry. We have already passed over 90 such exams.

For our experts who design and implement HVAC installations, the quality, origin or standards of previous design stages do not matter. With us, all the problems which prevent you from finalising the investment will be solved.

You won’t need to worry that we will lack knowledge on any unusual solution that you may wish to use, whether it be a pneumatic tube for a hospital, the installation of technical gases in a pharmaceutical factory, or maybe the largest passive building in Europe? There’s no need to worry, we shall know what to do. Our knowledge within the company, and the pool of experts with whom we remain in contact, allows us to study each specific subject, as well as the area of process installations.

We further invite you to become familiar with our offer for BIM planning.