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During many years of operation, our company has asserted its position on the market in specific sectors such as designing sport, industrial and recreational venues as well as office buildings and technical installations. We also occupy a significant place in the area of computer building management, and one of our specialities is BIM design management. At the same time—thanks to the experience acquired during the implementation of a great variety of international projects—we are constantly expanding the range of our skills and competences.

Our goal is to combine various areas of completed tasks in such a way that the clients’ orders are performed with the highest possible degree of efficiency. The progressive design of HVACS installations, modern BIM project management, visualizations of investments, detailed consulting, calculations according to various norms and the implementation of designs according to international standards—these are all services provided by us using the latest software.

The efficiency offered by us enables our clients to smoothly implement projects, which guarantees their highest quality.

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