HVAC installations - about the TDEC company

Since the beginning of TDEC’s activity, HVAC installations have been a passion for us.

Modern construction deviates significantly from traditional construction. During the implementation of advanced projects it is difficult to find on a construction site a bricklayer with a trowel who is erecting a house wall. Currently, buildings are not only bigger, but they must also meet higher expectations in respect of strength or adaption to the intended function. In order to meet the standards of the 21st century it is necessary to use new tools. These include IT technologies which enable 3D building design. Our company specializes in this field as well as in HVAC installations and BIM design.

Thanks to designing a variety of facilities all over the world we are constantly broadening the range of our possibilities. Designing objects for specific purposes such as production halls, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, laboratories and ICT centres are of no mystery to us. Calculations using international principles and standards are our everyday life.

Our team is made up of people with passion whose competences are based on solid foundations established at the best technical universities in Poland. Our dynamic teams managed by experts who have gained experience with the most complex projects are ready to solve any problem with maximum effectiveness.

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