BIM planning - Building Information Modelling

Maximum design efficiency thanks to BIM

The complexity of modern installation technology in the construction industry and the requirements imposed on it sometimes require the implementation of relevant adjustment measures. The effective design of industrial facilities, office facilities and the construction of buildings at the execution stage is possible only thanks to the simplest, most concrete and readily available information related to adjustments and modifications. This efficiency is guaranteed by us, thanks to the optimal design and implementation of the projects, according to the principle of Building Information Modelling. This enables the creation of a common database, synchronised on an on-going basis. This database ensures the constant availability and exchange of up-to-date information on a building between all participants in the process of design and construction.

During an analysis of the issue of BIM planning, the REVIT MEP programme automatically comes to mind. A description of the whole life cycle of an investment is the objective for which it was intended. However, one should not forget that this is not the only programme which enables such a project to be created: Bentley and Trimble Plancal also make use of BMI solutions. Thanks to the IFC standard, it is possible to exchange data between these platforms: Revit, Microstation and NOVA. Currently, we test and explore the possibilities of creating BIM documentation using software independent from Autodesk. All of this technology has to be available to work in all possible situations and realities.