HVAC installations - Specialists from the TDEC Group

Modern investments are characterised by a high level of specialisation. This is a necessity, which results in increasingly high requirements being imposed on new objects. These are not only standard buildings any longer, but rather complicated, technologically advanced constructions. Office design, industrial and recreational facilities have reached a higher level, and market expectations are constantly increasing. In order for an object to meet the expectations of demanding customers, it is necessary to seek the highest quality and innovation in its construction, while, at the same time, minimising the cost.

Looking for such quality will always bring you to professionals—people to whom you are not afraid to entrust the most important of tasks. Thanks to them, you can focus on the pursuit of perfection and realize even the most unconventional ideas. The TDEC Group are such people. The engineers making up our team will enable you to realize any enterprise, regardless of its location, size or degree of complexity.

It is we who are the specialists.

Proven solutions guarantee success

Our company opts for solutions tested in practice. We no longer use drawing boards, which take many hours to create technical drawings. We design 3D objects using modern tools—CAD/CAE programs. These guarantee calculation precision, thanks to which every implemented investment will meet the highest technical standards. Our speciality is also streamlining the flow of information at every stage of project implementation. For that purpose, we use BIM project management. We are fully aware that only a full understanding of every little aspect of construction and technological systems will lead to success. Thanks to BIM methodology, we can make achieving this objective easier.
TDEC are people with passion, knowledge and experience. We are committed to our work and love communicative technology. When using our services, you will receive professional support in the realization of an investment and a guarantee of its success.

The best tools, complete know-how.

Specialists - that's us

Only proven solutions will guarantee success

Best tools, comprehensive know-how